New Client Information Terms for Sarah Grant Podiatry

Thank you for choosing our clinics as your health provider – we truly appreciate your support and will do our absolute best to provide you with exceptional health care solutions for many years to come.

To ensure we provide you and our other valued clients with the best possible care – it is important that you understand and agree to our terms and conditions as outlined below:

  1. Be on Time : All clients are expected to arrive on time for each and every appointment – we will do our absolute best to not keep you waiting also
  2. 24 Hours Notice of Cancellations :As we are a busy and professional health provider – all clients MUST accept and agree to our cancellation policy – as failure to attend scheduled appointment not only disrupts your treatment progress but also takes the spot of another client who may have been able to attend in your place. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment you MUST give us 24 hours notice – otherwise a cancellation fee of equal to the cost of the appointment you scheduled will be charged – no exceptions.

We promise that if we cancel on you with less than 24hours notice the rebooked

              appointment is free.

  1. Guarantee – if for some reason we did not live up to your expectations today we WANT YOU TO TELL US – once you let us know within 24 hours of this appointment our director will contact you personally, refund any money you paid for the session and give you your next session for FREE. This is our guarantee to you for not only today’s session – but for any session in the future – please do not feel bad about telling us where we can improve – we would rather you tell us than someone else.
  2. Pay at the Time of Consult – consultation fees for all private clients are to be paid at the time of consultation – no invoices will be given. Should you need a payment plan please ask at our front desk for options. 
  3. If you are on a Medicare Chronic Disease Management plan (or EPC) please ensure you have a current one in place before your appointment. Sarah Grant Podiatry is a private billing practice where you will pay the consultation fee, then receive the relevant Medicare rebate, if eligible. 
  4. Block Booking PolicyWe operate a policy of Block Booking where by we encourage our patients where appropriate to Block Book their appointments in advance once we discuss the appropriate treatment plan. This is routine practice in our clinics.These appointments can of course be altered as appropriate and this does not require payment in advance. The future booking of sessions allows you to get the most convenient treatment time for you and also increases the success of your treatment program.